Portraits is one of my favourite photography styles.
In putting together this blog I worked through my archives (it’s a bit of a mess actually) to get a few of my favourite portrait images taken through the years. The one of the lady who was stabbed (I’m a journalist remember) was taken with my first digital camera. I think it was an Olympus.
It is safe to say that I love taking photographs of people. It can show so much emotion and make you almost part of their lives.
People pictures fall into two categories: portraits and candid. Either of them can be made with or without your subjects awareness and cooperation. You can decide what will give you the best images.
A tip I can share with you is to try and get closer to your subject. Don’t be shy. If you approach people in the right way, they will usually be happy to pose for you. Tell them why you want to take the picture. Practice with people you know so that you are comfortable; people can sense when you aren’t.
If you take photographs of people going about their business – try to be unobtrusive. You don’t want them to be aware of the camera. Many times people will see you, then ignore you because they are concentrating on what they are doing.
If you’re using a long lens and are some distance from your subject, it will probably be a while before the people in the scene notice you. You should be able to compose your image and get your shot before this happens. When they do notice you, smile and wave. There’s a difference between being unobtrusive and unfriendly. Be careful not to become a nuisance though.