I will describe myself as a documentary photographer. My passion for news photography (I am a journalist) has helped me develop a good eye for a photograph. My services include Wedding Photography, Newborn/Maternity Photography, Event Photography, Matric Farewell, Portraiture and Couple/Engagement shoots. I also have use of a mobile studio that can be used for indoor shoots depending on the requirements of the client.

In my own time I love to photograph beautiful landscapes, cloud formations, food and still lives – sometimes even with my smartphone.

Photography is my passion – and writing is my first love.

Ink flows through my veins. It is incredibly satisfying to see your work in print (or digital publication these days). People make the world go round but words are what keep the world turning (my quote and it makes sense to me).

I am a full time editor and journalist at a local community newspaper with a print order of 21 500 sold newspapers per week. I am available as a freelance writer (for personality profiles, travel and event launches) as time allows. Some of my work has been published in university periodicals and business magazines. I am fluent in Afrikaans and English – and as an added bonus – you don’t need to book a photographer, I can do both.